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Cardfight!! Vanguard - Pale Moon - Workeroids

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Today we are going to do a deck tech on a fun Pale Moon, workeroid build.

This is an all or nothing build that tries to take damage early to go off on the first Grade 3 ride and hope to capitalize on the constant calling from soul. It's not as competitively viable as Silver Thorns but it's a very fun build to play with.

After listing the decklist we will try to explain our choices as they are a bit different than most workeroid builds. Workeroids are an interesting archetype that will hopefully get more and interesting support in the future.

Grade 0:

Silver Thorn Assistant, Ionela (1) Starting Vanguard

Candy Clown (4) Heal

Hoop Magician (4) Front

Silver Thorn Beast Tamer, Serge (4) Front

Skyhigh Walker (4) Front

Grade 1:

Delude Dancer, Ethel (4) Perfect Guard

Nightmare Doll, Beverly (3)

Nightmare Doll, Edith (4)

Grade 2:

Nightmare Doll, Elin (4)

Nightmare Doll, Rhoda (4)

Nitro Juggler (2)

Peek-A-Boo (2)

Grade 3:

Golden Beast Tamer (2)

Nightmare Doll, Alice (4)

Nightmare Doll, Carroll (4)

Starting with the trigger lineup we run 4 heal and 12 front. I've tried different iterations of triggers with this deck, and this lineup seems to be the best with this particular build. We run the Grade 1 perfect guard because this is the most lacking grade in the build, plus it gives us the ability to run all 12 front triggers. Beverly is the best booster if you're going to continually ride over cards that are placed in front of her and Edith is amazing when it's time to spam the field or as a target to bring out from soul with a full board. For Grade 2, Elin and Rhoda are must includes. Rhoda has the same functionality as Edith and Elin helps put a rear guard Carroll into soul if you don't have an Alice to be able to reride. I initially ran the build with Jumping Jill but found her to constantly be underwhelming, especially since she puts the card she calls in the back row. As a tech for Jumping Jill, I started running 2 Nitro Juggler to help with some selective soul charging and 2 Peek-a-Boo for targeted removal. The Grade 3 lineup will hopefully get future support. Carroll was an amazing addition to help the deck flourish, she checks top 5 to hit Alice or another Carroll and call it to rear. Alice is an obvious include in any workeroid build, she calls out a card if forced to ride and she shines as a rear guard to attack and call something else out. Golden Beast Tamer is only a 2 of because she's just situational to get some cards on board if you're stuck with a small hand. As far as the Accel markers, I generally use Accel I against most other Accel decks and Protect decks because a defensive trigger will allow the Accel rear guards to still hit magic numbers. For decks that have mass retire such as Eradicators and for Force clans, I generally use Accel II because a defensive trigger against Force doesn't allow us to hit numbers and against mass retire the extra cards in hand from Accel II is a massive help to either guard or potentially help you go off if you survive the next turn.

Thank you for reading, and hopefully you have a blast playing with workeroids.

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