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Weiss Schwarz - Bang Dream! - Pastel Party!

Today we are going to do a deck tech on a Red and Yellow Bang Dream! deck that is primarily Pastel Palettes and Poppin' Party.

This is just a fun deck I put together after pulling an SP pack and wanting to play with all the cards and it works surprisingly well together. It is a pretty jank build but has been one of the most fun I have had playing Weiss Schwarz yet.

After listing the decklist I will try to explain my choices other than the fact that they are there because they were signed copies of the cards I pulled. It was a deck I had to actually put a decent amount of thought into in order to make it work the way I had hoped it would. I also got a lot of advice from some of our regular Weiss players on how best to build it.

Level 0:

"Important Moment" Saya Yamabuki (4)

"Invincible Hero" Kokoro Tsurumaki (2)

"Origami Fun" Kasumi Toyama (4)

"Tea Ceremony Excellence" Kanon Matsubara (4)

Level 1:

"I'm Me" Hina Hikawa (4)

"Self-Taught Survival" Maya Yamato (4)

"To Become More Admired" Eve Wakamiya (4)

Level 2:

"Like That!" Kasumi Toyama (4)

"What an Idol Is" Maya Yamato (4)

Level 3:

"Aya Maruyama, The Idol!" Aya Maruyama (4)

Happy Christmas Saya (4)


Serious Survivor (4)

The One and Only Me (4)

Our Level 0 starts out with a brainstormer who can potentially search for a needed piece in addition to giving 1k boost for the turn in Saya. Kokoro is a searcher plus she can put early pressure on your opponent with her +1 soul ability. Kasumi is also a searcher but at a higher cost, though she does search for an additional unit. Your level 0's can search for all of your combo characters but you need to be attacking in order to build up your stock. Kanon is a nice filter and she can keep your climax cards in deck with her scry ability.

Level 1 is more packed than our standard decks tend to be and that's due to the fact both of our climax combos are with Level 1 cards. Hina combos with The One and Only Me to put cards from your waiting room and add them back to hand which comes in handy with all of the filtering your Level 0's will do. Maya is another one of our climax combo cards that fixes hand and Combos with Serious Survivor to allow for an early Level 2 play if What an Idol Is, Maya Yamato is in your hand. The last Level 1 can potentially be a 7k beater if you have 2 other characters attacking before her, plus she has an encore ability to rest if she happens to get reversed.

Level 2 is a little light in this deck, but the cards we chose work amazingly well. Kasumi is a base 7500 but if she's facing a Level 3 she gets an extra 6k power. Maya Yamato is our early play Level 2 that boosts other units in addition to finding more combo pieces.

Our Level 3 cards are Aya and Saya. Aya is an early play Level 3 if you have 6 or more climax in your waiting room, so you're going to want to find her before you have to refresh. In addition she is a nice card all around as long as you have 2 other characters, she will reverse your opponent's unit in front of her. Saya is also an early Level 3 play if you have 4 or more characters on stage, in addition she will also heal 1 from clock when placed.

Thank you for reading, and hopefully you have a blast playing with Bang Dream!.

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