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Weiss Schwarz - Bang Dream! - Pure Roselia

Today we are going to do a deck tech on a pure Roselia deck.

This is more of a budget build of the Roselia deck that doesn't use "Birdcage Diva, Yukina Minato". It's still a fun build and can go off if you get the right pieces in hand. This is more for the Roselia fan that can't afford the meta build of this amazingly fun deck.

After listing the decklist we will try to explain our choices as they are mostly absent from the Birdcage Yukina builds. Roselia is a super fun build and one of the most interesting archetypes in the Bang Dream! series. Hopefully they will continue to get new and interesting support in the future.

Level 0:

"... H-Hello...?" Rinko Shirokane (2)

"Angel's Smile" Ako Udagawa (4)

"My First Pair of Cat Ears" Yukina Minato (3)

"Searching for Answers" Yukina Minato (2)

"This Time, I Will" Sayo Hikawa (4)

Level 1:

"Crystal Song" Yukina Minato (4)

"Protective Gaze" Yukina Minato (4)

Level 2:

"Dense Cookies" Sayo Hikawa (4)

"Relaxing With Friends" Ako Udagawa (4)

Level 3:

"Onstage" Yukina Minato (4)

"Tears Overflowing" Yukina Minato (4)

"Trace of Effort" Lisa Imai (3)


Making Cookies (4)

Zeit (4)

Starting with our Level 0's, Rinko is pure card advantage as she goes back to your hand if you reveal a Level 1 or higher on your opponent's turn. Ako is a nice brainstorm as she is your main draw engine plus she gives a boost which makes her ability even better. Cat Ears, Yukina is a stock filler and filter at the same time. Searching for Answers, Yukina is another Level 0 brainstormer that helps filter through your deck while also allowing you to search if you milled a climax. The last Level 0 is Saya, which allows you to potentially save one of your reversed units, which is huge value for a deck that mostly waits for late game to go off.

Our Level 1 starts with Crystal Song, Yukina, which is a climax combo with Zeit to help sculpt your hand for future plays. Protective Gaze, Yukina pairs with Tears Overflowing, Yukina to get a boost and helps filter your deck as well. Most of the power of the deck is in the Level 2 and Level 3 cards, so Level 1 is a bit lacking.

Level 2 has an amazing card in Dense Cookies, Sayo that has the trigger fever ability when paired with the climax, Making Cookies. It gives you the ability to search, add stock and boost a unit all at the same time. Relaxing with Friends, Ako is just a nice 10k beater as long as Crystal Song, Yukina is in your waiting room.

Onstage, Yukina is the payoff in this deck. She's a Level 3 that not only calls another Level 3 from your waiting room to stage, she also heals 1 from clock in addition to giving herself a 2k boost during your opponent's turn. Lisa Imai is the combo piece with our Level 3 Yukina that gives us our healing in addition to boosting our other units on attack. Tears Overflowing, Yukina is another great addition as it heals when placed and if this card is in your level it can be played early. Plus she pairs nicely with your Level 1 Protective Gaze to give a nice boost when she's in your level.

Thank you for reading, and hopefully you have a blast playing with Roselia.

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