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Weiss Schwarz - Re: Zero - Pure Rem

Today we are going to do a deck tech on a pure Rem deck.

This is a fun build, built entirely out of everyone's favorite blue-haired maid - Rem! My favorite character in the Re: Zero series, Rem is a fun build with some early plays and a lot of big numbers to go with them.

After listing the decklist we will try to explain our choices as they are a bit different than most Rem builds. Rem is an interesting archetype that will hopefully get more support in the future depending on what they do with the character in the series.

Level 0:

Bride in Pure White, Rem (3)

Charming Servants, Ram & Rem (3)

Going to School in a Hurry, Rem (4)

Honest Smile, Rem (4)

Level 1:

Beloved's Guidance, Rem (2)

Capable of Anything, Rem (3)

Mad Demon's Strike, Rem (2)

Sensing Surreptitiously, Rem (4)

Level 2:

Death's Stare, Rem (3)

Frightened Rem (2)

The Twin Maids, Rem (2)

Level 3:

Blue-Haired Maid, Rem (4)

The Happy Roswaal Mansion Family, Rem (2)

Tropical Life in Another World, Rem (4)


Shocking Scene (4)

World's No. 1 Hero (4)

Starting with our Level 0's, Charming Servants helps you filter your deck and find pieces when it becomes reversed. Going to School, Rem is a nice brainstormer that also filters and lett you search if you end of filtering climax cards. Bride, Rem allows you to fix your hand when it attacks allowing you to potentially draw a character and ditch something you may not need. Lastly Honest Smile is there purely as a continuous booster for all of your other Rem cards on the Center Stage.

With our Level 1's we have Mad Demon's Strike and Beloved's Guidance, Rem that can change out with each other to provide the right card for the situation. One allows you to bottom deck an opponent's card, the other is a huge power card. Capable of Anything, Rem is a climax combo with Shocking Scene, it allows you to draw while also building up your stock to get you ready for your early play cards. Sensing Surreptitiously, Rem allows you to cycle the top of your deck so your climax cards don't end up in your stock in addition to being a 7k beater as a Level 1.

Level 2 has the least amount of cards due to the Level 0 and 1's being so good and the fact we can early play 2 of our Level 3's. Death Stare , Rem is a minimum 8k beater that has the potential to hit over most Level 3's your opponent may have on board. Frightened Rem gives your other Center Stage units a boost when attacking while also having the ability to side attack without losing soul. The Twin Maids, Rem helps maintain your stock while your waiting to go off with your Level 3 and climax combo.

Blue-haired Maid, Rem is your best early play Level 3 and hopefully you have just refreshed so it's easier to get her out early. She keeps powering up for every marker underneath her and if she gets out early it will be almost impossible for your opponent to hit over her. Happy Roswaal Family, Rem is the easiest of the Level 3 to get out early. She's great for hand fixing but never hits over 10K unless she's boosted, though she is a great card to help fix your hand for your Level 3 climax combo. Tropical Life in Another World, Rem is your finisher and the best card in your deck. The goal of the deck is to fix your hand to get 3 of her, your climax and a lot of stock. With 3 of her out and World's No. 1 Hero, assuming you've been able to save hand and build up stock, you will be attacking 6 times and hopefully be finishing off your opponent at the same time.

Thank you for reading, and hopefully you have a blast playing with Rem.

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