You and up to 3 other players take on the role of wizards cast away onto a seemingly deserted island. Players compete throughout their journey to gain as much treasure as possible, and become everlastingly rich and famous. Discover exotic terrains, build special structures, manage your magical energy and tame dragons! Once the entire island has been discovered, your quest is over, and whoever has accumulated the most treasure wins DRAGON ISLAND!

2-4 players
Ages 14+
60 minute play time

4 Wizard Screens
40 Double Sided Tiles
5 Single sided start Tiles
160 Energy Cubes
40 Gold Pieces
Build Markers: 4 Energy Factories, 5 Pet Dragon Lairs, 4 Dragon Pens
50 Dragon Figures
25 1 Fame Markers
30 5 Fame Markers
40 Treasure Map Cards
20 Pet Dragon Cards
20 Treasure Found Discs
20 Captured Dragon counters

Dragon Island

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